Leading Causes of Cancer in Pets

The prevalence of pet cancers is worrying. When asked why pet cancers are more common today than they were, most veterinarians cite two possible reasons for this. Diet and the facts that most pets are living much longer. For a fact, most cancers in pets are not caused by a single source. As a result, you cannot single point out a single cause considering that tumors are a long-term accumulation of multiple variables. That said, here are a few likely causes of pet cancers.


processed pellets for pet

Research findings indicate what you feed your pet with matters a lot. Feeding your pet with heat processed foods has the effect of making susceptible to different types of recurrent cancers. Preservatives used to increase the shelf life of pet food pose a real danger to the well-being of your flurry fried. Ideally, feeding your pet with natural and whole foods goes a long way making your pet cancer-free.

Over-vaccinating pets

As much as most pet-owners vaccinate their pet to keep them safe from common ailments, research statistics confirm that over-vaccinating your pet makes them susceptible to different types of pet cancers. As a time, you should only vaccine your pet when necessary. Instead of boosting a vaccine, you can do an antibody test for the virus to avoid over stimulating the immune system.


Environmental factors too are believed to have a hand in the prevalence of pet cancers. For instance, cigarette smoke is not good for your pet and research finding conducted on cats show that exposure to cigarette smoke predisposes cats to cancer. Ideally, when smoke get trapped into the cat’s hair coat, it often initiates an inflammatory response. In this regard, avoid long terms exposure to pesticides and cigarette smoke and add your pet more years of health.

Electromagnetic radiations

pet relaxing outdoorsElectromagnetic radiations are believed to cause undue stress on body process to not only humans but also pets. However, these radiations are only dangerous in persistent stress environments, and the integration with subtle energy gradually harms the body over time. With continued exposure and exposure to other carcinogens leads to the development of cancer.

The prevalence of pet cancers worries most pet owners. The good thing about pet cancers is that they are treatable. Some treatment options include pharmaceuticals, chemotherapy, herbs, and alternative modalities. Well, the pet care tips shared are meant to create awareness on pet cancer and the need to take good care of our flurry best friends.