Reasons why Co-Sleeping is a Good Idea

Co-sleeping is the act of sleeping close to your baby. It doesn’t have to be in the same bed, but at least it should be in the same room. Co-sleeping can take any of the following forms:


This is where the baby and the mother, or both the mother and the father share the same bed. With this method, one has to be extra careful not to lie on the baby in their sleep.

Side co-sleeper arrangement

This is where the baby’s sleeping cart is securely attached to the parents’ bed, on the side of the mother. Usually, the three sides of the co-sleeper are left intact, but the side next to the mother is lowered or removed entirely to allow the mother to have access to the child. You can learn more via Wellbeingkidvia Wellbeingkid

Different Beds in One Room

In this arrangement, the baby’s crib is placed within an arm’s stretch from the parents’ bed.

Child Welcomed to the Parents’ Bed

In this arrangement, the child is kept in a separate room, usually next to the parents’. They are however welcome to the parents’ bed at any time they want.

Advantages of Co-Sleeping

Co-sleeping might not be the best fit for all families, but it has the following advantages:

More Sleep for the Parents

A parent can sleep well when their baby is close by. Again they need not worry about harming the baby in their sleep.

The Baby Sleeps More Comfortably

In this arrangement, the baby gets to sleep more. If the baby stirs or almost wakes up, the mother can see all this and can soothe the baby back to sleep.

Breastfeeding Becomes Easier

When the baby is close by, the mother can breastfeed them more efficiently as compared to when they are in a different room. The baby also needs not to be frightened when they wake up since their mother is close by.

Co-Sleeping Helps Reduce SIDS

As per the research by AAP, sleeping next to your child helps reduce SIDS by as much as 50%.

Reduces Night Separation Anxiety

baby sleepingWhen a baby sleeps in the mother’s hands then wakes and finds themselves in a different room all alone, develop sleeping anxiety where they find it hard to sleep anywhere else away from the mother. By ensuring that your baby is less than an arm’s stretch when they sleep, you will be able to get to them once they start stirring. This will ensure that every time they wake, they see your face first.

Fewer Bedtime Hassles

Neither the mother nor the child would want to move a lot when they are sleepy. Co-sleeping avoids this since once the baby sleeps, all you need to do is place them in their crib and rock them until they sleep. Once this is done, all you need to do is to hop and bed and sleep too.
The above are some of the many benefits that co-sleeping has. It reduces the hassle of having to move from one room to the other to check on your child. Again, it helps your child feel safe when in the same room with you as you can alwa[ys welcome them to your bed anytime you want.